INCM 2003 - Ljubljana, Slovenia (NC-meeting)  

EASA INCM 2003 - Dutch Team Boarding - hvala prijatelica's! Last INCM (Intermediate National Contact Meeting) was organized in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It took place 9th -16th of november. The Dutchies visited Zagreb on friday and Venice on our way home. Most of the pictures of Gerald and me are available from this page, some pictures still require some editing and might appear soon.

Thank you Spela, Anja, Tjasa, Nusa, Teja, Tina, Tine, Katja, Nina (1&2), Vita, Aleksander, Jaka, Maj, Tanja, Nejka & all others for organizing an unforgetable experience...


- Meeting
- Ljubljana
- Zagreb
- Venice


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Johannes (DE)
Tobias (CH)

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