EASA 2003 - Friland, Denmark  
EASA Denmark 2003 Sustainable Living

What & where:
Denmark, European Architecture Student Assembly
Theme: Sustainable Living
Huh? 400 students in architecture from all over Europe. Two weeks of doing stuff all day, partying all night, camping in a bunch of orange tents, working in the hot Danish sun (!), talking about and practicing architecture and the other essentials in life.
More: Extremely well organized by the Danes (as they've been supposed to) even the parties were good. Interesting of course, fun too! Everything sustainable? - Everything sustainable.
How many times did you make it to the breakfast? 3 times
Sustainable pictures:

Hovercraft workshop:
- Overview
- Movie (wmv)

TV in a tree workshop
- WIN (Low res128k)
- MAC (Q-time)

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More pictures:
- Johannes (DE)
- Marko (AT)

- Tobias (CH)

- Greg (FR)

- ECON pavilion

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