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| Football
So far it has been amazing. Holland is performing well. I never was much of a player or a fan, but the surprisingly good results of the Orange Lions with old football hero Marco van Basten as coach, make me watch all the games I can. All the games you can? All the games you imperialistic Dutch play, you mean? No, I mean all the games I can. With all like in ball. Not only the Dutch, but also from all other pools. Of course, most of them I still didn't see fully or just with half an eye. Plus: now I write this down, I expect "us" to underperform again, like usually. But if we don't, Marco van Basten will outperform our football legend Cruijf, who always refused to be our national coach... Marco would be the new legend. Cruijff 2.0. That is, if we win...

| The Firm
The Pitch! publication on young architects in Den Haag has been delayed. I have no clue when it will be, we'll just have to be patient and watch the Stroom website for news. The co-operation of SuperNova Studios with Pi de Bruin (Architekten Cie.) and Ivo & Christof from CHNL for the Good Red Super Green design competition worked out very well and we are proud about the result. News if we are on to the next round will be available in August, so I might update you on this in my next post...

What else? We are doing the redesign of a church from the 50's. The plan is to transform it into 18 appartments and some commercial space on the ground floor. At the same time we are doing some remodelling for private clients. Plus we are preparing for our first acquisition. First - in all those years? Yep, the first. SuperNova Studios has been 100% acquisition free. But the time has come to step up.

| The life
What about the driving test? Well, it was such a succes that the guys want me to do it again. Can you imagine? First of July will be the second proof of the pudding. If this doesn't work out either, I will try again when I am 31 and back from Croatia. As bad habbits are not easy to kill - and the friends, the sun and the coast is calling - we will fly to Rijeka, travel south to Split and fly home over Prague two weeks later. Are you in the 'hood'? Give me a notice and maybe we can meet!

| The faculty
For if you didn't know: our faculty died. It was set to fire by the aggressive Anonymous Coffee Machines, plus some leaking water. I was a little emotional about it as I made a lot of friends there and it was a crossing in my life - in a metaphysical way. But now it is time for the recuperation. Or Phoenix or just something new. Or something. Whatever. It will never be the same.

| The band
And, I almost forgot: I joined the band The Fisters. With the Fisters we are the spiritual founders of the 'participating instant royal neo-grunge'. The band was put together by our manager Scott King. We wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the song "I'm a designer", performed this song in 5 seconds for the Queen and split up. The reunion tour will be in 10 years. We won't do any new recordings in the near future, but the bootleg can be found here on youtube. Thank you Museum de Beyerd for providing us with this new museum as a stage, thank you Joost & Ingrid for the invitation and making the museum beautiful.

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