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EASA Links by Geographical Location [Click here]Every year since 1981, hundreds of European students of architecture gather each summer to discuss and work with architecture, student to student. These summerschools are named EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) and take place in a different place and country each year. During the two weeks of the assembly, visions and experiments grow from workshops, tutored and arranged by architecture students and professionals.

Joining an EASA is an inspiring experience, and anyone who ever attended an EASA will have stories to tell about architecture, friendship and new ideas. If you want to grasp the atmosphere please check out the picture sections. I have attended six EASA's (TR'01, HR'02, DK '03, FR'04 CH'05 and HU'06). In four of them I was the tutor of a workshop, such as 'Landart & The Camera', 'Scrapheap & The Hovercraft', the EASA newspaper "de Paraplu' and the "what's in a frame workshop". In Hungary 2006 I was one of the moderators of the final debate.

The circumstances in which one ends up when attending an EASA are always an surprise, but the experience is great. As one of the National Contacts for The Netherlands I attended three NC-meetings, of which you can find pictures via the links on the right. For more detailed information on the workshops or photo's click on the corresponding links.

For quite some years now, I am considered an EASA dino. It is great to be a dino, and for that reason we have been thinking about an EASA Dino post-ice-age revival party weekend. We have been dreaming forever, and now we started planning it, corona came. Or if your prefer Covid-19. So one thing is certain: it will not happen in 2020. It will be a post-corona celebration. I am looking forward.

EASA - pictures
-2005 CH - Switzerland
-2004 FR - France
-2003 DK - Denmark
-2003 Hovercraft wrkshp
-2002 HR - Croatia
-2002 Landart wrkshp
-2001 TR - Turkey

INCM - pictures
-2003 SI - Slovenia
-2002 DK - Denmark
-2001 DE - Germany

Future events (links)
- 2008 IR - Ireland
- EASA on a Plane

Past events (links)
- 2007 GR - Greece
- 2006 HU - Hungary

EASA links:
- EASA main website